Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Happy Thanksgiving! Many kids love to be involved with preparing the Thanksgiving feast. In order to ensure a happy and accident free holiday, here are some safety tips:

1) Stay in the home when cooking your turkey, and check it frequently.

2) Close supervision at all times. No child should be left alone in the kitchen, or be allowed to use the stove, oven or appliances.

3) Keep children away from the stove. Be sure to turn handles in so that they cannot be grabbed by little hands.

4) Keep children away from hot foods and liquids. Steam or splashing from hot liquids can cause serious burns. Never carry hot liquids while carrying a child.

5) Keep knives out of reach of children.

6) Be sure electric cords from appliances do not dangle off of countertops in the reach of children.

7) Never leave children alone in a room with a lit candle. Keep matches and lighters locked away and out of reach.

8) Avoid using placemats with children as they can pull the mat causing hot food to spill on them, causing injury.

9) Test your smoke detectors to be sure they are working.

10) Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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